Genius is a combination of Gen BAL, Gen IT, Gen CMA, Gen Form Manager, Gen e-TDS, AIR, Wealth Tax and also includes unique office utility features like telephone directory, facility to client wise manage scanned document and label printing as well as all India Pin Codes, STD Codes, ISD Codes, List of TIN FCs, TAN/PAN AO Codes, Bank Branches BSR Codes, Service Tax Ranges, MICR Codes, IFSC Codes. Facility to backup/restore particular client data. Advance security options with module wise password protection. Facility to Import Client Master details from XML Files (ITR-1 to 6 & 7)..


Auto Return Form Generation

Facilitates Automatic Selection of Various Return Forms viz ITR-1 to ITR-7 as per the Relevant Source of Income.

Filing Through ERI

ERI Facility for Bulk Return E-Filing by Income Tax Software.

Reverse Tax Calculator

The Facility of Reverse Tax Calculator is also Available in the Software.

Arrear Relief Calculation

Facility for Calculation of Relief and Uploading of Form-10E.

Import Master Data

Facility to Import Client Master Data in XML Format from any Tax Software.

MAT/AMT Calculation

The MAT/AMT Calculations, MAT/AMT Credit and auto Utilization facility are Also Available in This Software.

ITR Quick Upload

Quick Upload Facility with ITD Web Services.

XML Generation

E-Filing of ITR Forms 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 is Available in XML Format.

Bulk Contact Verification

Facilitates PIN Verification by Accessing Mail ID. Also, Create an Alias and Forward Mail on a Single Mail ID by Mail Setup on Gen IT Page.

Miscellaneous Reports

Reports for Pending Tax Returns, Date Wise Report of Return Filing and Processing Status can Also be Generated for Assesses.

PAN Application/Correction

Preparation of Form 49A with Correction Form of 49A as Well as Online Submission.

Carry Forward of Details

Carry Forward of Losses, NSC and KVP Data Automatically to the Next Assessment Year(s) from the Previous Year.

Miscellaneous Reports

Reports for Pending Tax Returns, Date Wise Report of Return Filing and Processing Status can Also be Generated for Assesses.

PAN Application/Correction

Preparation of Form 49A with Correction Form of 49A as Well as Online Submission.

Carry Forward of Details

Carry Forward of Losses, NSC and KVP Data Automatically to the Next Assessment Year(s) from the Previous Year.

Search [ITR Acknowledge No.]

To View the Return Filing Details of any Person, the User can Use this Option by Simply Inserting its Acknowledgement Number.

E-payment of Challans

Facility to Easily Prepare and e-payment of Tax Challans like as 280, 281, 282 with Verification.

Interest Calculation

It Automatically Calculates the Interest u/s 234A, 234B and 234C.

Income-Deduction Report

To View a Summarized Computation of Various Heads of Income along with Deductions in a Tabular Format.

26AS Import

Facility to Import Form 26AS through Auto/zip/Text/Excel Mode is Available.

Inter/Intra Losses Adjustment

Adjustment of Losses can be Carried Out as per the Head of Incomes.

Depreciation Chart

Maintenance of Depreciation Chart as per Income Tax and Books/Companies Act, import/export via excel etc..

IT Portal Linking

Direct Linking Facility to the IT e-filing Website. Users can download ITR (Income Tax Return) in XML and ".PDF" Format, Receipt of ITR etc..

Income Tax Computation

Preparation of IT computation from A.Y. 2000-01 Onwards Including heads of income, TDS,Chapter VI A-Deductions,Adjustment of b/f Losses,etc.


Online TDS/TCS E-return Uploads

Filing of TDS/TCS Statement (Regular or Correction) Directly Online via ITD Portal.

15G/H Quarterly Register

Allows Quarterly Filing of 15G/15H Forms with Register Maintenance Facility.

Lower Deduction/No Deduction Forms

Facilitates Generation in the Case of Lower Deduction and No Deduction Forms.

15CA/15CB Filing

Facility for Online Filing of 15CA/15CB According to the New Scheme with Both XML Generation Facility and Direct Uploading.

TDS/TCS Certificates

Generation of Form 16, 16A, 27D in PDF Format and Signed with a Digital Signature (Optional) along with the Email Facility.

26QB/26QC Filing

Facility of Filing 26QB (Challan cum Statement of Deduction u/s 194IA), and 26QC (Challan cum Statement of Deduction u/s 194IB) is Available.

Import/Export Facility

Taxpayers can also Import / Export Data from MS-excel Files / Text File/ FVU File.

Interest and Late Fee Calculation

Automatic Calculation of Interests and Late Fee.

Bulk PAN Verification

Gen TDS is also Capable of Bulk PAN Verification.

Fresh TAN Application

Taxpayers can Also Apply for Fresh TAN or can Apply for Any Corrections in the Existing TAN Data.

Challan E-payment

It also Generates Challan Along with the Facility of e-payment and Online Challan Verification is Available.

Compatibility with Browsers

Compatible with All the Browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc for e-Filing of TDS returns.

Request Download

Our TDS Return Filing Software Provides the Option of Request Download @ Trace Login Helping in Downloading All Those Requests you Put on Trace Website.

Search Facility

It Offers Search Facilities Such as - All India PIN Codes, STD Codes, ISD Codes, TAN/PAN AO Codes, List of TIN FCs, Bank BSR Codes, Service Tax Ranges, MICR/IFSC Codes.

Report Generation Facility

Facilitates Generation of Various Reports in Single or Bulk Mode, Like Salary Certificates, Challan Wise Details, Deductee Wise Payment, Clients Not Having Pan/Address etc.

Calc of Annual Taxable Salary

Facilitates Calculation of Annual Salary after Giving an Effect of Deduction under Chapter VI-A along with Calculation of Month-wise Salary and TDS thereon.

E-Filing of Returns

Facilitates Preparation and E-filing of the Returns 24Q, 26Q, 27Q, 27EQ with Proper Validations along with Declaration of Non-filing in Case of No TDS Deduction.

Correction Statement Filing

Assists in Filing and Uploading of Correction Statement Along with Download Facility All the Requests like a Consolidated File, Justification Report, etc.


Statements as per Schedule III

Profit & Loss and Notes on Accounts as per New Amended Schedule III. Auto Preparation of Balance Sheets with and Without Revised Schedule III.

Import Trial Balance

The User has an Option to View & Import the Data Through Trial Balance from Various Software like Tally, Excel and ERP with Help of Gen Bal.

UDIN Registration & Generation

Software Gives the Facility of Quick UDIN (Unique Document Identification Number) Registration and Generation.

Tax Audit Report

Updated Tax Audit Report According to Latest A.Y. Available.

Comparative Statements

User has Facility to Input Data of Two Years in Balance Sheet & P & L at the Same Time by Using this Software.

Customized Notes of Accounts

User can Change the Format of the Notes' Items in the Accounts.

Trading Account Preparation

Our Balance Sheet Software Gives a Facility to Prepare Trading Account in Columnar Format with Quantitative Details.

Deferred Tax Calculation

The Defer Tax Liability / Assets as per AS-22 can also be Calculated with this Software.

Ratios Calculation

Display of Ratios for Multiple Years with Ratio Formulas.

Merge Trial Balances

Merge Different Trial Balance of two or more assessee's to single trial balance and merged profit & loss account and balance sheet are also Embedded into the Gen-Bal..

Several Formats of Final Accounts

The Facility of Aligning Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account in Horizontal & Vertical Orientation (As per Schedule III) Formats is also Available in the Software.

Cash Flow & Fund flow

Specimen of Qualification in Auditor Report, Notes on Accounts and Accounting Policies are Found in the Software with Cash Flow and Fund Flow (As Per As-3).

Complete Audit Report

Preparation of Reports Viz. 3Ca, 3Cb, 3Cd with Annexures, Caro, Notice, Director Report and Notes on Accounts are Made Along with Miscellaneous Certificates.

Depreciation Chart Preparation

The Calculation for Depreciation as per IT & Companies act with Preparation of Fixed Asset Chart and Register are Executed in the Software. It can be Imported –Exported via Excel.

Import Facility

The Gen Bal Offers a Facility of Import Data Directly from Tally 4.5 / 5.4 / 6.3 / 7.2 / 9.0, Ms-excel and from Several other Software like Busy, NAC, Tata Ex and Focus.

Import TDS Details in 3CD

Import the Data of TDS Directly in the Audit Report. If Not Using Our TDS Return Filing Software then Importing Data can be Functioned Through Our (Import/Export) Excel Sheet Option.


Multiple Years Projections

Preparation of CMA Data for as Many Years as Required.

MPBF Calculations and Ratio Analysis

Calculates MPBF According to Tandon and Nayak Committee Along with Complete Ratio Analysis.

Simple Interest Calculation

Facilitates User to Calculate Day to Day and Simple Interest.

Partner's Interest Calculation

Acts as a Useful Tool to Calculate Partner Interest, OD and CC A/c Interest.

EMI Calculation

Easily Calculate EMI with Bifurcation of Principal and Interest Payouts.

Present and Future Value Calculation

Facility to Calculate the Present Value and Maturity Value.

FDR Interest Calculation

Facilitates Calculation of FDR and Panel Interest with Converter Tool for Various Measurement Units.

Calculation of Depreciation

Facilitates Depreciation Calculation on SLM, WDV and Reducing Balance Method.


Types Of Deeds

Different Types Of Deeds Like Gift Deed, Sale Deed Partnership Deed Etc Are Avaiable.

Various Types Of Forms

Different Type Of Income Tax Forms, Company Law Forms Are Available..

Types Of Agreements

Several Types Of Agreements I.e Rent Agreement, Arbitration Agreements Etc..