Genius XBRL Software is an excellent tool for the professionals like Company Secretaries and Chartered Accountants who are compelled to waste a large amount of time on preparation and eā€“filing of the balance sheet, profit & loss A/c in latest XBRL format. XBRL return software enables you to do above-mentioned tasks at very ease. It is completely based on MCA Business Rules and taxonomy. Our software for XBRL can also perform import and export of XML of the current year or previous year with ease. The software can prepare company wise back up and restoration and directly validate the XML prepared from any other vendor's software along with generation of the PDF file of XML with the validation.

----> Step 1:

Feeding the whole financial data with all relevant Notes and Disclosures in Gen-XBRL utility, available for download with Latest Revised Schedule-III Taxonomy (AS and IND AS)..

----> Step 2:

Converting the XBRL data from our utility into XML file format by our two Products "Gen-Comp Law" & "Gen-XBRL" Software tool with professional(s) assistance.

----> Step 3:

Validating the data through MCA tool.

----> Step 4:

An Instant document containing Balance Sheet and Statement of Profit and Loss Account will be generated and ready for e-filing.

Allow Users to create Map Financial Data for Current as well as Previous Year very quickly in XBRL Filing software itself.

Non-Financial Data which includes Notes to Accounts etc. can be easily mapped with this software.

Footnotes can be easily Added or Edited in the Software.

The Software also allows you to fetch Previous Year Data, wherever needed.

It has very effective Validations features Inbuilt that can Prevent Errors very effectively.

Quick Spotting of Errors in Verification List Ahead of Validation with XBRL Instance Document can be easily generated.

XBRL Instance Document can be also validated using MCA Validation Tool from the XBRL Software itself.

Gen XBRL also provides the facility to Back up & Restore the Data for Real-time Updates.