Genius Desktop Payroll software is a complete solution for all the human resource management needs of a company. The payroll software performs all the attendance and payroll marking related working with complete database maintenance of employees. Our desktop payroll software maintains the salary records, daily attendance marking as well as other personal details of the employees very securely. All the data can be accessed anywhere anytime with our online payroll synced which can be logged by individual login password given to the employees. We also offer Online Payroll software as SaaS (software as a service) which is equivalent to the desktop software in terms of feature and credibility. All the data is secured and provides all the HR solution at the single click..


Import & Export Facility of Salary Set up

Salary Structure can be Based on Various Companies and Facility to Export.

Maintain Various Loan Accounts

All the Loans Sanctioned to the Employees get Managed Automatically with EMI Deducted on Time Every Month.

Export Facility of Payslip in Excel

Capable of Overtime Calculation both Automatically/Manually along with Import/Export Facility.

E-Mail Facility of Pay Slips

Payslips can be Mailed to Employees as per Request in word and Pdf fromat.

Arrear Calculation

Calculate Accurate Arrears i.e. Amount Wise or Daywise with the Facility to Import/Export.

Project-wise Salary Distribution

Salary can be Calculated Based on Projects Done by Employees and Further Distributed Accordingly.

Employee wise Advance Account

The Employees will be Managed for their Advance Account with Accurate Calculations.

Auto Bonus Calculation

The Bonus gets Calculates Automatically as per the Employer's Command.

Reimbursement Facility

Payback Employees with Eligible Reimbursement Amount on Monthly/Opening Balance with Carrying Report Based on Monthly Reimbursement Slip.

Preparation of User-defined Pay Slips

Generate Pay Slips According to Own Preference including Company Logo, Salary Paid up to Previous Month, Salary Period and Other Significant Details.

State-Wise Professional Tax Forms

Get All the Relevant Forms for the Employees including Monthly ESI, ESI Challan, Form-5, Form-6, Form-7, Form-1 (Declaration Form) Submission.

Employees' Provident Fund/Pension Scheme

All the Monthly PF, Challan, Form-12A, Form-5, Form-10, Pension Form-1 and can Generate ECR Linked with PF Dept along with KYC Status Check.

In-built TDS Utility

Taxes such as TDS are Calculated as per IT Act along with the Preparation of Form 16, 16AA, 12BA Continuous Printing & Other Computation Facilities.

Prepare Statutory Forms

Calculates PF, ESI, Bonus, Pension, Wages Register as per Statutory Rules Monthly/Quarterly/Half-Yearly/Annual Statutory Reports.

Leave Management with Structured Rule

Calculate Leaves on Financial-Year or Calendar-Year Wise with User-defined Salary Calculation with Multiple Facilities to Weekly Leaves Structure.

Complete Document Manager

Capable of All the Document linking such as C.V., Photos, Leave applications, Transfer letters, Increment letters, etc in all the Word, Excel, PDF, JPG, BMP format with all the Miscellaneous information such as India Pin Codes, STD Codes, ISD Codes, List of TIN FCs, TAN/PAN AO Codes, etc.

Prepare Multiple MIS Reports

Get all the Cash, Cheque, Transfer Register, Bank Statement, Leave Register, Payroll Register, Salary Computation Sheet, Experience Report, DOB Report, Retirement Report Increment due Employees(Month wise)/Increment due Dates(Employee wise)..

Import/Export Data Easily

Employees get Complete Data Import/Export Facility including Employee's Master Information, Employee's Salary Data, Employee's Attendance Sheet, Arrear, Reimbursement, Investment Declaration, Import/Export Bank Detail, Import/Export Facility of Employee Additional Info.

Quarterly, Half-Yearly and Yearly Incentive Calculation

Employee Incentive Calculated Automatically as per the Specified Months.

Dynamic Formula Creations for Salary Calculation

Create Salaries as per your own Formula of Calculation with Auto TDS Deduction and Salary Structure.